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functions of a university, and more importantly, as a state university, It must take into account the actual value of each social function, in other words, its teaching, research, and services should take into account the actual needs of the state. The University serves the state and the state for social and state universities. Note Hayess Thoughts on Higher Education. Digest of Higher Education .1990 5 On the other hand, American universities are greatly influenced by German universities. At the end of the IBM Certification 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of American educators went to study in Germany. After returning home, they all followed Assessment: IBM WebSphere the model of German universities, restructured higher education in the United States, and introduced scientific research to universities. Particularly in private universities, the climate of research Assessment: IBM WebSphere it exam has led to competition and catch-up with German universities, represented by Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago. Note Torsten Husen

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
A2180-253 Assessment: IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.1 Core Admin IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere
A2180-992 Assessment: IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V6.1, Business Analysis and Design IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere
A2180-995 Assessment: IBM WebSphere Process Server V6.1, System Administration IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere
C9510-319 IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools V8.5 with Liberty Profile IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere
C9530-272 IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 Solution Development IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere
C9530-277 IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 System Administration IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere
C9530-374 IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0 System Administration IBM Assessment: IBM WebSphere