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, we must not live up to the comrades trust. High flying back to the attic is late at night, he looked at the hands of the pills, sighed, looked up, froze . I saw Luo Minmin sitting on the stairs, fell asleep. Crouched down, quietly looking at her, do not have the heart to wake her up. Luo Minmin slowly opened his eyes and found a fly, take a look CCA XP it exam around how do I fall asleep how do you come back ah Goofy You have been waiting for me, leader Send you One thing. Luo Min-min handed him a cell phone, There are still chargers. Flying fly wondering confused This is Luo Minmin This is my previous cell phone, I hope you will not dislike , So something we can contact with each other. Goofy moved. Luo Minmin Remember, I am your team leader, after the team there is something to be the first to tell me. Fly a panic, hurriedly put the pill into his pocket. Luo Minmin Do not take me to visit Goofy Oh. Quickly take the key to open CCA XP the door. They walked into the attic, Luo Minmin looked at the room Oh, are you arranged Goofy Oh, it is Ye Wen, the house is what she had lived. Luo Minmin Yes Really good. Goofy does not smile naturally. Luo Minmin turned to see the rooftop outside so big Said the door opened and walked out, she was excited to run around the roof ah This is really a good place Citrix Certification to practice. Flying in the top Hanging from the rebound, the rebound is eye-catching red and blue two fingerprints, high-flying look at the top of the light, worried th

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Y0-220 Citrix Metaframe XP 1.0 for Windows Citrix CCA XP
1Y0-310 MetaFrame 1.0 or 1.1 Administration for UNIX Operating Systems Citrix CCA XP