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oke is too strong, Shakesi almost can not see the entrance. A wall fell before them, and the old old fences and piles behind them were broken, roaring into the smoke-filled room with sparks and hot air. She hesitated a moment, ready to rush to the basement entrance. The priest grabbed her arm. Wait a minute, he opened a cupboard, took out a barrel of fire extinguisher and pulled the safety bolt. Lets go, Shakeside shook his head. Do not go, stay here to check if there are any more, tell firefighters and say theres a policeman in the basement to save the man. She said, turning to the Huawei Certification basement. As long as you move She skipped the fiery floor, but because of the smoke, she had miscalculated the distance to the wall the wall was closer than she HCNA-UC had imagined, she hit a wallboard and her body involuntarily backward, her Played a roll on the ground, the hair teased the flame, a few boil up, stinky smell almost choke her back gas. She slapped the little flame on her hair and stood propped HCNA-UC it exam up by her hand, but the floor was extremely fragile by the flame below and collapsed under the weight of her hands, her face nearly hitting the oak in front of her on the floor. She hurriedly pulled her hands back, but still felt the flames in the basement had been licked over her palms and arms. She climbed from the edge of the hole, still struggling to stan

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HC-011-811-CHS Huawei Certified Network Associate - Unified Communications (HCNA-UC) - CHS Huawei HCNA-UC