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Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-148 ISSE Cisco IronPort Sales Specialist - Email Cisco IronPort
650-153 ESFE Cisco Email Security Field Engineer Specialist Cisco IronPort
650-154 ISPWS Cisco IronPort Security Professional - Web Security Cisco IronPort
650-155 ISIWS Cisco IronPort Security Instructor - Web Security Cisco IronPort
650-156 ISPES Cisco IronPort Security Professional - Email Security Cisco IronPort
650-157 ISIES Cisco IronPort Security Instructor - Security Cisco IronPort
650-159 ICA Cisco IronPort Cloud Associate Cisco IronPort
CICSP Cisco IronPort Certified Security Professional (CICSP) Web Security 7.0 Cisco IronPort