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om the shadow of the corner came out, quietly followed behind. Xia Lianxiang unhurried walking in the town, do not evade the town people. She - straight into the courtyard of Liu Jinzi. The courtyard squeak - the sound is closed, and the latch, people suspicious. Yang Wenfu first glimpse the door far, knowing that this glimpse of meaningless, walked past, went to the courtyard door. He wandered back and forth at the door, like a chicken that could not find the nest door. Later, he used one eye to slit the door to look. The door closed too, revealing a glimmer of light from the door. The light shines - light, like someone in the house shaking at the door. He put NCR Certification his ear on the door and listened attentively. A Xia Lianxiang laughter. After a while, there was no laughter, and in all directions, quiet and quiet, Yang Wenfu could not be quiet. In the future, he will tell all his behavior and thoughts. Its image, as it NCR Certifications it exam is nowadays - is about his heroic behavior as well as the psychological activities of the time. When talking about NCR Certifications this moment, he said that when there was no sound, his mind was full of the same manner that Charon returned to bed with Liu Jinzi. He thought of the mole on her stomach. Only he had seen only

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