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or political parties that affects the thinking and academic freedom of the university, but also the containment of famous scholars. As we said before, real college students not only dare to challenge their own authority, but also tolerate and even encourage a new generation to challenge themselves. But not any famous scholar can do that. Heres a question of academic power Many-year-old daughter-in-law gets married, its easy to show authority on the new wife. If the new wife wants to rebel, The SCSAS it exam phenomenon unique to the academic hierarchy. There is also a problem of academic judgment here a true college student who may or may not accept the new view of the challenger in the face of the younger generations challenge but is able to see its intrinsic potential, The new possibilities that it can SUN Certification offer, and thus adopt a tolerant and encouraging attitude while others, whose own knowledge may be doing well, are locked in ones own academic ideas and thus different from ones own Academic pursuit loses its judgment, often because of its shortcomings and SCSAS shortcomings to be a simple denial, and any new creation, in its grass-roots stage, always rough, showing some immaturity. Therefore, to put forward the idea of compatible and inclusive is not only to make different academic choices complement each oth

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-105 Sun Certified Solaris Associate SUN SCSAS