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investors are unwitting beneficiaries of Bouskeys illegal trade, so the SEC does not punish XMLMaster Certification them. Bouskey partnership in accordance with the income distribution ratio, Boothiqi share is small, and he set a fine agreement when his total assets of less than 200 million US dollars. The SEC could have pointed it out, XMLMaster Certification it exam but the article said In a telephone interview last weekend, a spokeswoman for the SEC never refused to comment. Thus, Bouskeys actual illegal gains were much higher The statement of punishment was reprinted and reported by other media XML Master Certification and gradually gained popular support. Moreover, estimates of the illegal proceeds of Bouskey are also getting higher and higher, reaching a rapid increase of 300 million U.S. dollars. Drexel Burnham Lambert continues to push public attention from it to the government. It continues to create public opinion, claiming that government lawyers improperly leak disruptive information to the media, especially The Wall Street Journal, but it has not come up with evidence in support of the accusation. Nevertheless, this topic has aroused widespread coverage. The medias negative press soon led to a more sharp criticism, the majority of spearheads are directed at the SEC. Charles Schumer, a New York Congressman, accused

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
I10-001 XML Master Basic V2 XML Master XMLMaster Certification
I10-002 XML Master: Professional V2 XML Master XMLMaster Certification
I10-003 XML Master Professional Database Administrator XML Master XMLMaster Certification