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The metal frame, the old Coppersmith photos hanging high up the stairs leading to the attic. Old brass, narrow face, thin eyes, thin lips, there XML Master Certification is a gold tooth, very kind, but also very impotently smiling This winter, Fu Shaochuans mother fell ill and until she died before Not able to go down that attic. After her mother fell ill, Fu Shaoquan XML Master performed very XML Master coldly and did not intend to go to the attic to see what her mother meant. His mother was probably sick, but she never heard her moan, the little attic seemed empty - people. Fu Shaoguang, Reiko and Xiao Lianzi often accompanied by their mothers side. I said Fu Shaoquan, you should go to the attic to see your mom. He did not say anything. You should go to the attic and see your mom He um - sound, but did not go. A few days later, I saw Reiko end up - bowl of chicken soup - or bowl of fish soup, but can eat to eat half a bowl, but these two days, but it was Reiko end to the loft. I saw the corner of Reiko hanging tears. She smoked her nose and said Mom can not eat Fu Shaozhu shook his shoulders, seemed to fight - a chilly. He put his frozen, swollen hands in his

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
I10-001 XML Master Basic V2 XML Master XMLMaster Certification
I10-002 XML Master: Professional V2 XML Master XMLMaster Certification
I10-003 XML Master Professional Database Administrator XML Master XMLMaster Certification