We all inhabit the same planet, but we have gone too long ignoring the fact that our actions can have a profound impact on communities around the world.

As one of the biggest producers and consumers of fossil fuels, Canada has contributed significantly to the degradation of the environment. The current Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Harper, has also been particularly adamant about ignoring scientific evidence for climate change at the expense of our environment, wildlife, and livelihoods.

However, the negative effects of this carelessness do not impact everyone equally, as the piece on climate justice explores. Climate change, and environmental degradation in general, disproportionately impacts Indigenous communities, who are on the front lines of resistance around the world. Our silence on these disparities is shameful; they should be front and centre in discussions.

The issue of environment is one that is insurmountable: there are a myriad of dimensions that could not all be covered in this special issue. We have tried to tackle a few of these, like forward-thinking research, pipelines that run through Montreal, and Indigenous activism in Canada and worldwide.

It is time to take a stand against climate change by educating ourselves, influencing policy-makers, and making changes to our daily lives. We hope that this issue and our microsite will help you realize the great impact our actions have had, and the urgency of the current situation on our future.

"Indigenous communities have been constructing camps to disrupt construction of oil pipelines, and only through these types of direct action have we seen any change occurring."
“We are thinking of new ways to make use of resources. Beyond resources, it’s a way for rethinking our social interactions.”
“Canada still shows no intention of moving forward with climate policy and therefore remains the worst performer of all industrialized countries.”
“It’s my country. I’m going to win.”
"Impoverished communities are 'the real losers' of climate change."
"Though both the government and oil companies have developed various ‘green’ technological innovations in the past two decades, emissions per barrel have only been reduced by about a quarter."
"In an age of globalization, the things we eat can either come from across the world or just next door."

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