What is the Daily Publications Society?

The Daily Publications Society (DPS) is the non-profit, student-run publisher of The Daily and Le Délit. It handles everything related to the logistics of getting the two newspapers and their websites out there, leaving the editorial teams with the power to choose what content goes into their pages.

Is the DPS student-run? What does that mean?

The Daily and Le Délit’s editorial boards and contributors (who make content decisions), and the voting members of the DPS Board of Directors (who make legal/financial/operations decisions), are all students. The DPS is also an employer, which means that we have non-student staff (both full-time and part-time) who run our business office, recruit advertisers, design the ads, and handle things like coordinating with our printer. The business office and advertisers do not affect editorial content in any way.

What does my membership mean?

Being a member of the DPS, you not only get a say in our existence referendum, but you can also participate in Le Délit’s and/or The Daily’s editorial process or apply for a seat on our board of directors and have a firsthand role in the governance of our organization. You also get a voice at our general meetings of members happening in October and in April.

How is the DPS connected to McGill?

The DPS is autonomous from both McGill and SSMU. We pay rent to SSMU for the use of our office space, but are not under the purview of their executives, bylaws, or operations. We have a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with McGill, because they collect our student fees on students’ bills and release them to us. We can only renew this MoA with a ‘Yes’ vote.

Why does a francophone publication like Le Délit belong in an anglophone school like McGill?

Despite McGill being anglophone, its is located in a majority francophone province and has a international student community. Because of this, the use of French is widespread at McGill. Le Délit provides this francophone community with a mediatic and creative outlet. In fact, one of its founding principles in the protection and promotion of francophonie on campus.

Why should I vote yes for the DPS?

The DPS provides McGill with a critical source of on-campus investigative journalism, as well as platforms for commentary and creative work. Additionally, since McGill has no journalism program, it provides students with the possibility of having a hands-on experience in researching and reporting stories.

Student fees support a huge number of organizations of various political affiliations on campus. This referendum is for the DPS, which means that both The Daily and Le Délit, as well as their associated websites, podcasts, and activities, are dependent on your vote.

The Daily and Le Délit have provided the McGill community with news coverage, investigative journalism, and a platform for commentary and creative work for over 100 years.

The Daily and Le Délit are student-run: anyone can get involved as a contributor, editor, or director of the Board. Additionally, we hold general meetings each year to give members more opportunity to help shape the organization.

Le Délit is the only francophone newspaper on campus, bringing students closer to the surrounding community and strengthening a vital link between McGill and Montreal.

If you do not agree with a certain article, you can submit a letter, or contact the Reader’s Advocate if you have an idea for what they should write!

Moreover, not every article is politically inclined. There are a number of sections that cater to any number of interests, from cultural events and sports to scientific research on and off campus to news stories about everything from city bylaws to panel discussions held by campus groups.

What are you doing with my $6?

The funds we receive from our student fee levy go a long way. For the cost of about two or three cups of coffee per semester per student, we can afford…

As a non-profit organization, we are audited yearly and publish our financial statement around the month of October on a yearly basis. Moreover, any member of the DPS can at any time reach out to the chairperson of our board of directors to ask questions or come to our annual general meeting.

Is this referendum about fee renewal or existence?

Both. A ‘yes’ vote renews our ability to collect student fees for the next five years, but it also defines our existence at McGill. Without a ‘yes’ vote, the DPS wouldn’t be able to negotiate an Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with McGill – which means no distributing on campus, no using the McGill name, and no lease with SSMU.

I have other questions not listed here!

If you have any questions related to the DPS and how it works, send us an email at chair@dailypublications.org! Our chairperson will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, you can come visit us in room B-24 of the SSMU building and meet our editors!